The Concept

Discount Circuit - Concept

All Durable Manufacturing companies generate some slow moving inventory categorized as:

  • Manufacturing order surplus
  • Obsolete
  • Trade returns
  • Irregular goods

These above mentioned categories account for almost 10% of the total sales of the organization. The common problems which are associated with these inventories are

  • Lack of organized distribution for disposal
  • Disposal of the bulk is through existing distribution channels
  • Organizing annual liquidation sales
  • Loss of economic advantage in terms of value
  • Locking up of funds
  • Creation of excess storage space in the system for storing these inventories

Whatever the excess product may be, at the end of the day the marketer looks to sell these products to retrieve the maximum possible economic value - thus the annual liquidation sale or dealer sale. What Discount Circuit offers is a central place to allow the above transaction at a regular cycle - benefiting the marketing company. In such a setup the participating company can showcase the entire range of products which are required to be sold off. But the products remain within the above mentioned categories.